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Who we are

Boundless Smiles Inc is a not-for-profit organization created to break through the limitations of conventional dental care by offering alternative preventive, accessible, affordable, and convenient oral health care. A lifetime smile is a gift for mankind. This “precious dental gift” may be adversely affected by limitations to access to basic dental hygiene services by many who are already facing health disparities engendered by low socioeconomic status. Boundless Smiles Inc brings innovative strategies to address these oral health disparities without compromising quality standards. Our outreach extension services are strictly designed in compliance with the code of practice observed by Registered Dental Hygiene in Alternative Practice (RDHAP). The underprivileged, homebound, institutionalized, and those who have limited access to dental care can now have a sigh of relief because we will come to your doorsteps and provide quality dental care using ultra-modern high precision mobile technology.

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Our Impactful Services

Each service is meticulously crafted to reach underserved individuals,
ensuring access to essential dental care that transforms lives

On-Site Dental Check-ups and Cleanings

Individuals in underserved communities benefit from comprehensive dental exams and professional cleanings at their location, ensuring easy access to essential oral care services

Oral Health Education and Workshops

Engaging educational programs empower communities with the knowledge and tools for maintaining excellent oral health.

Preventive Treatments and Fluoride Applications

Focused on prevention, individuals receive preventive treatments to safeguard against common dental problems.

Dental Sealants for Children

Children in underserved areas benefit from dental sealants that protect their teeth from decay, ensuring their dental health for years to come.

Why Choose Dental Care

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Support for Improved Oral Health in Underserved Populations

Affordable Dental Care

Affordable Dental Care Dedicated to Fostering Brighter Smiles in Every Community.

Talented Doctors Team

Talented Team Committed to Providing Quality Dental Services Where They're Needed Most.

High Quality Equipment

Access High-Quality Equipment Dedicated to Enhancing Oral Health in Underserved Areas.

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